Job Title: DevOps Engineer - MN - Long term contract

The DevOps Engineer orchestrates continuous delivery and maintenance of software in a 24x7x365 environment. As part of the Client Digital organization, the engineer will share responsibility for the success of SaaS solutions provided by client for internal and external use. 

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
* Works with the engineering team to identify and execute continuous delivery plan 
* Automates the continuous delivery pipeline 
* Provisions and administers virtual machines and containers 
* Ensures consistency of deployment environment 
* Works with the IT organization to ensure compliance with security standards 
* Develops strategies for testing and validating the health and security of the hosting environment 
* Evaluates, deploys and configures build, deployment, monitoring and auditing tools 
* Troubleshoots deployment and infrastructure issues 
* Minimizes, and where possible, prevents system outages 
* Assists in documentation of procedures for deployment and support of the software 
* Follows industry standards and keeps current on technology advances 
* Assists in cost estimates 
* Engages in knowledge-sharing activities 
* Supervises and mentors junior engineers 

Experience and Competencies: 

* Bachelor's (or equivalent industrial experiences) / Masters / PhD degree in science or engineering with software experience or education 
* Prior DevOps experience in cloud environment - AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 
* Knowledge of scalability, high performance, high availability and disaster recovery 
* Strong scripting and coding skills, prior experience with scripting for automation 
* Linux system administration (Windows sysadmin skills are a plus) 
* Understanding of web and cloud security 
* Experience with web services deployment 
* Experience with container technologies 
* Experience with source control systems 
* Experience with build and deploy tools 
* Excellent written and oral communication skills 
* Experience with Agile development practices 
* Strong problem-solving skills 
* Adaptable self-starter with strong collaboration skills 


Ph: 612-852-4887

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