iOS Native developer – MN

iOS Native developer – MN

-Must have implemented  end to end application including code signing, provisioning and App Store release process.
-Expert level experience with programming language in implementing Objective-C/cocoa concepts like Delegates, Protocols, Categories, extensions,Core-data, Local Notifications, Push -Notifications, etc.
-Knowledge on swift is a plus
-Experience in consuming web services using JSON/ XML
-Good understanding on implementing Auto-layouts, Storyboarding and size classes.
-Experience on writing unit test cases using xctest/ocunit.
-Experience in leading a small group of team members
-Solid understanding of software design and patterns like - MVC, Delegation, Singleton, Factory, Adapter
-Familiarity with agile development/waterfall processes and methodologies
-Expertise in app memory management, multithreading, networking & Security 

Ph:  612-852-4887

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